Bigley is a god and the ruler of the BigleyVerse. His nemesis is Shrek. He has a brother named Ridley.

Bigley. Not full size.

Early life

Before the Bigleyverse was born Bigley and Shrek fought. They fought until a punch so hard created an explosion that created the Bigleyverse. They agreed that they would each rule half of it. For millions of years they lived in peace, until Shrek decided to finish was he started

The Bigley Shrek war

War began and they fought. after years of fighting The Bigley Shrek War. Bigley went to find the legendary Levin Sword which can slay a god. After a while he found it. He then went to Shrek's swamp and fought Shrek. Eventually Bigley stabbed Shrek's heart so he died.

A new era

After the war The Bigleyverse was at peace. I little later a less powerful god named Sanic was upset cause he didn't rule anything. So Bigley gave him a galaxy to rule.


Bigley's power is only rivaled by Shrek.